School activities

C.H.P school  will provide considerable scope for its students to learn and practice a wide variety of co-curriculum activities. It will help to discover innate talents.  These activities will form part of the school’s education system.

This school will encourage the students of pursue their interest in sports, literature , performing and fine arts, crafts, environmental studies , computer ,development of publican addressable skill  and general knowledge among a host of other distinctive activities.


Physical education:

The school education will provide a number of facilities for outdoor sports and indoor games with yoga . Recreational sports as well as intra –mural and inter school sports events be held throughout the year under the guidance of experienced physical training instructors an coaches.

Arts and culture:

The school will lay special emphasis on developing artistic skill among students and will have facilities for pottery, wood and metal work, clay modeling and other traditional crafts.

Music, dance and dramatics will also be an integral part of school life.



The students will observe significant days in the calendar such as Independence Day, children day,

Festivals from all religion. It will create awareness and interest for traditional Indian ethos in their minds.


   General information

While adequate information is provided below, the parents/guardians may contacts the school office for any clarification of further information. The school reverses the right to change/modify any facility or arrangements as may be deemed fit by the management.


Academic structure:

Type: children’s heaven public school is totally co-educational class pre-nur to xth

Pattern: central board of secondary education (CBSE)

Medium of instruction: English/ Hindi


Registration and admission

Name will be registered for all classes for age 3 1/2 years  onwards on the dates as notified on the registration form. there will be on written test or formal interview for admission in pre-Nur. & Nur. They will be observed only through play way method in a group. children will be selected on the basis of observation .

Canvassing in any form will invite disqualification of the  candidate . both the  parents must accompany the child at the time of observation / interview /admission test . please note that once admission is taken no admission fee will be refunded by school.

One month’s calendar notice in writing  or one month’s fee in lieu thereof is required to be paid before the withdrawal of a students from the school .transfer certificate will only be issued after all the outstanding dues are cleared. Fees one’s paid are non refundable.


Classwise ages are given

Class            age          test sub.                               Class     age        test sub.

Pre Nur.      3 yrs        no                                           std iv     9yrs        H+E+M

Nur.             3 1/2 yrs   oral                                        std v      10yrs     H+E+M

L.K.G.          4 yrs        H+E+M                                 std vi     11yrs     H+E+M

U.K.G.         5 yrs        H+E+M                                 std vii    12yrs     H+E+M

Stdi              6 yrs       H+E+M                                 stdviii 13 yrs    H+E+M

std ii            7 yrs        H+E+M                                 std ix     14 yrs    H+E+M

 std iii          8 yrs        H+E+M



Office hours:

The school office remains open for parents from 9:00am to 12:00 noon. From (Mon. to sat.  ).

Visiting hour for principal:

Between 9:00am to 10:00 am. ( Mon. to sat.  ) Or by appointment.



Every students expected to have 100% attendance but 75% of attendance is compulsory for promotion to next class. In case of unavoidable reasons , a formal application should be submitted to the principal . in case of illness, a medical certificate should accompany the leave application.


Communication and with parents / guardians

The school will emphasize on active involvement of parents/ guardians in the education process of their children. Active involvement and unstinted support are required for the all – round development of their wards.  Parents/guardians are expected to attend the parent –teacher meeting which will be held at regular intervals throughout the year to discuss the performance / difficulties / any other problem to their children. Parents are requested to study the reports with care and consult the school authorities, if necessary. They are also welcome to visit the school to meet the principal/class teacher during specified hours on specified days to discuss their child’s progress.