The Visions


The true purpose of Education is not mere mastery of academics, but imbibing traditional values, one’s own culture and spirituality, Empowering the child to choose good over bed in every thought and action .it is also imperative that the child realizes his innate talent to the full potential.

Our Motto is to impart quality Education which goes beyond academics and extra-curricular activities to meet those objectives.

                                                                                             The Objectives

· To create an Environment conducive to the Integrated Development of mind and body, heart and soul.

.To foster the traditional Indian Ideals and values culture and spirituality, while inculcating a global outlook.

· To provide conceptual mastery of the curriculum imbibing creativity, imagination and analytical thinking process.

·To inculcate Social and community awareness so that the students grow up to be compassionate, responsible and patriotic citizens .

· To encourage students to acquire self-Knowledge and venture on the path of self realization.